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Welcome to the Finnafjord Port Project

A new maritime opportunity in Arctic waters

The Finnafjord (Icelandic: Finnafjörður) Port Project (FFPP) in North-East Iceland shall become a new landmark deep sea port in the North Atlantic ocean for transshipment sailing the Northeast Passage or "Northern Searoute" capturing the Asia-Europe route and as a base port for exploration and production (E&P) operations for the oil & gas industry.
The drivers of the FFPP can be derived from the envisaged key uses of the FFPP harbor site:

  • Business for the port is expected to come from the oil and gas industry in the Dreki Sea area, 335 km to the North East of the FFPP, as a base port to support any form of exploration & production activities in the area.
  • Further business opportunities might arise from mining activities in Greenland as a consolidation facility for raw material from mines in this region.
  • Hub port for commercial shipping using the Northern Sea Route or in future the central Pole route for Northern Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

The Finnafjord area is located in North-East Iceland. Leewards to the prevailing winds and waves, it provides an ideal business location for all sorts of offshore activities. Finnafjor Port can draw on the cheap and green thermalelectric or hydroelectric power of Iceland to process natural resources mined in the Arctic region for export to North America or Europe.