I want to work there.


bremenports is at home at the ports. There where terminals are built, locks repaired and harbour basins are dredged. There where people work with enormous enthusiasm and contribute their own individual strengths to the team to ensure that the ports render top performance. There where all challenges are addressed with professional expertise and human warmth. 

It is exactly these things that are the top strength of bremenports: the right mixture of humanity and efficiency. 

Everyone at bremenports works under the conditions that match his or her personal circumstances. That feels good and spurs them so that the look forward to going to work every day, proactively seek contact with their fellow employees and enjoy what they do. An open, inquisitive and respectful working atmosphere provides the basis for our joint success. Every single employee can develop his or her potential to the maximum. Together, we safeguard the future of the ports. 

Things are never boring at bremenports. The ports face us with fascinating challenges in the course of our daily work. But it is important to achieve the right balance: to work conscientiously while encouraging dynamic progress. To look ahead, but remain flexible. To persevere without sacrificing oneself. To put experience to good use and welcome new technology. To be organised and share emotions. These are the things that define bremenports and the reason why we love to work here. 






The port – that is our world. Guaranteeing smooth operations is our challenge. The port fills our day-to-day work with fascinating and highly diverse tasks. Our work is never boring. We are passionately committed to giving our employees an environment where they can contribute their personal skills in the interests of our joint success. That leads to efficiency AND enjoyment.

We are totally convinced that everyone wants to play a part in shaping their environment. We satisfy that hunger by creating the right working conditions for them at all times. Because working in a pleasant, humane environment means working successfully. That is why we opt for motivation rather than pressure and appreciate what each and every employee does. It is rewarding to be part of our team. Ours is a feel-good working environment. Because we treat each other well, we create a stable and pleasant working world which constantly boosts work potential. 

Here at bremenports we count on finding the right balance between the human factor AND efficiency. Experience AND new ideas. Dynamism, pragmatism AND carefully considered decisions within clearly defined structures. Sustainable development takes time and calls for creative strength. Every individual employee can develop their best potential here; together, we safeguard the future of the ports. Anyone who comes to us can be effective – and can stay here: at a traditional workplace that will continue to inspire and encourage us in future.




Port construction, operations and maintenance are challenging technical fields. New technologies are just as important as the safety of our staff. Moreover, the skills of each individual employee count. Our staff development strategy aims to ensure that their experience and expertise is put to good use and saved for future generations. That is why we offer staff training to meet the needs of the individual, attend to succession planning in good time and do everything we can to attract skilled employees and management staff for the future.

First and foremost, this means that we all communicate openly with one another. This applies to team meetings and annual staff appraisals. Showing appreciation for our staff takes top priority at all levels.

Hand in Hand



Port operations are still a working environment where male employees are predominant. Our objective, in the interests of equality between men and women, is to achieve a balanced staff structure. Accordingly, we want to raise the share of female employees in the technical, nautical and industrial sectors at the company.

When hiring new recruits and implementing organisational changes, we take the interests of our female staff into account. We encourage their career development by offering appropriate further education and training and entrusting them with projects. Family-friendly working conditions such as flexitime and working models that suit different life phases not only help our staff to combine a career and family but also create an attractive working environment.


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We are committed to assuming social responsibility and thus offer and enable career prospects for disabled persons. That is why roughly 10 per cent of the bremenports workforce consists of disabled employees – a figure that goes far beyond the legal requirements and a policy we have deliberately adopted. To ensure that this remains the case, the management, works council and disabled employees’ representative have signed an Integration Agreement to promote the rehabilitation and inclusion of disabled persons.

The main task of our disabled employees’ representative is to facilitate the integration of disabled persons into our company and consequently into our day-to-day work.


Employment contracts that offer job security. These employment contracts are based on the Collective Agreement for Civil Servants (TvÖD).

Smart provisions that last a lifetime. Our company pension scheme gives employees a central element for future security.

Offers that make your start at the company easier. New recruits are given a warm welcome with our onboarding programme.

Making it easy to work from home. Provided this can be reconciled with your job profile, working from home is no problem at all at bremenports.

Health promotion with lasting effects. Our in-house health management scheme encourages staff to keep fit, to live and eat healthily.

Smartphones that don’t stress you. During working hours, you can be contacted easily by anyone, but you aren't distracted by private chats.

Working to suit family needs. Whether this involves finishing work on time or taking holiday leave: you can make reliable plans for your family life.

Working hours that suit you. Our flexitime models can be adapted to suit different phases of your life.

Vehicles that get you there. Our company fleet has cars and bikes for general use.