Specialists for general cargo, high & heavy, and bulk cargoes

The port facilities in Bremen specialise in the transhipment and handling of conventional general cargo, high & heavy and bulk cargoes. This includes project cargo, wood and wood products, steel and steel products, as well as vast quantities of loose goods such as ore, coal and grain. Bremen is home to Germany’s leading freight village as well as many other logistics centres.


Directly at the mouth of the river Weser where the water is deep enough for sea going ships, Bremerhaven offers ideal conditions for handling containers. The maritime city is one of Europe’s leading car hubs and is also turning onto a key port for the offshore wind industry.


Gleisnetz in Bremen
Güterzug Lok
Neustädter Häfen - Arbeiter auf Brücke
Verladung Modul im Neustadter Hafen
Neustädter Häfen - Containerschiff an der Kaje

Dedication: 1985

Covered storage area: approx. 1.3 million m²

approx. 150 companies

Workforce: approx. 8000

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Bremen high-bay warehouse

Europe's largest high-bay warehouse

In Bremen, the BLG Logistics Group operates one of the most modern logistics complexes anywhere in Europe exclusively for the Tchibo company. In line with its slogan “A new world every week”, Tchibo supplies more than 54,000 sales outlets in Germany and other European countries from the high-bay warehouse with a changing range of merchandise at weekly intervals. In the automated incoming goods department, up to 50,000 cardboard boxes are processed by four fully-automatic palletising stations, automatically wrapped and put into storage.

More Information

Pallets in high bays: 200,000

Space multipurpose sheds: 30,000 m²

Space flat storage sheds: 60,000 m²

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Neustädter Hafen

Hub for conventional cargo handling

The terminals at Neustädter Hafen are specialists when it comes to conventional cargo handling. Their service portfolio is aimed primarily at project cargo, iron and steel products, forest products and handling containers and heavy lift with floating cranes which can cope with weights of up to 650 tonnes. This site went into operation in 1965 and now unites all the benefits of a universal port.

Quay length: 2400 m

Water depth: up to 11.0 m

Covered storage:
260,000 m²

Outdoor storage:
800,000 m²

Throughput: approx. 2 million tonnes p.a.

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Quay lenght:
4,150 m 

Water depth:
up to 10 m

approx. 3,000 


Quay lenght:
395 m 

Water depth:
8.5 m


Quay lenght:
1,360 m

Water depth:
6.7 m

Mittelsbürener Hafen

Quay lenght:
340 m 

Water depth:
up to 11 m

Holz- und Fabrikenhafen

2,280 m quay lenght

Up to 10.0 m water depth


1,050 m quay lenght

Up to 11.0 m water depth

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Vegesack Auto Terminal

Logistics for automobil import and export

Egerland Car Terminal offers a full range of services for the automobile import and export business, which accounts for tens of thousands of vehicles per annum. The portfolio includes terminal services, shipbroking and agent services, tally, stevedoring, mooring and storage. On the site of the former Vulkan shipyard, Egerland offers technical services including pre-delivery inspection, de-waxing and preservation as well as superstructures and conversion.

(only for barges and small seagoing vessels)

320/200 m quay lenght

8.1 m water depth

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More port areas

2600 m quay lenght in three harbour basins

3.5 m water depth

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420 m quay lenght

3.0 m water depth

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Europahafen Bremen

Now a maritime boulevard

Europahafen used to be the largest and most modern dock in the world. In the meantime, it has lost its original purpose. The urban development plans for the Überseestadt district in Bremen envisaged converting the former dock into a tourist attraction. The port management company bremenports was commissioned by Bremeininvest, the responsible development company, with refurbishment of the quays and sheet piling, the installation of dolphins and pontoons for use by sports skippers and recreational shipping and creating access to these pontoons.

125 years after it was originally inaugurated, Europahafen has meanwhile evolved into a maritime boulevard and is the prime tourist attraction in the new Überseestadt district in Bremen.

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Map of the area and locations of the ports of Bremen