Competences at the quay:

Handling experts at our location Bremen /Bremerhaven

True specialists are at work here. Because the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven bundle a large portfolio of skills at the quays. Whether passenger or bulk goods, container, automobile, bulky cargo, sensitive cold chain or RoRo - for every case there is the right terminal at Bremen's twin ports, with the appropriate skills behind it.

First-class automobile terminal

Europe’s second-largest terminal for automobile transhipment

With a throughput of more than 2 million vehicles per annum, the ports of Bremen are firmly established as one of the largest automobile hubs in the world. To cope with these freight volumes, Bremerhaven has highly efficient facilities at Kaiserhäfen, Nordhafen and Osthafen as well as gigantic operating sites immediately beside these harbours: the total area of 2.4 million square metres can accommodate around 100,000 cars, including covered storage for 50,000.


The ports in Bremen-city

Various terminals which specialise in bulk cargoes as well as extensive storage areas are available at several port sites in the city of Bremen. From conveyor belts, grabs, cranes, bunker hopper gantry cranes to special discharge terminals – diverse specialist facilities, modern equipment, expertise and professional handling are the strengths of this location.


Transhipment centre for rolling cargo

From cranes, trucks and tractors to agricultural and construction machinery, the high-performance ro-ro terminal in Bremerhaven offers countless services for the handling and intermediate storage of rolling or self-propelled goods. Roll-on/roll-off – or ro-ro – refers to the loading of movable cargo which is then carried across the seven seas on special-purpose vessels.


Bremerhaven Container-Terminal - hub for the global flow of goods

As one of the biggest container hubs in Europe, the terminal now has a total of 14 berths for mega container vessels. These ships are meanwhile up to 400 metres long and up to 60 metres wide and have a carrying capacity of around 20,000 standard containers (TEU).


Bremen's special terminals

Europe’s largest terminal for general and heavy-lift cargo can be found at Neustädter Hafen in Bremen. The logistics centre on the left bank of the River Weser specialises in handling breakbulk cargo. This refers to all cargoes which are transported unpacked, in other words, not in containers, but conventionally. This includes iron, steel and forest products, machinery and machine parts, wind turbines and all kinds of heavy-lift cargo. Neustädter Hafen handles around 550 seagoing vessels and barges per annum.

Hub for frozen goods

Professional handling of sensitive freight

Fruit and vegetables, fish and poultry, beef and convenience products – Bremerhaven is one of the most important European ports for handling temperature-controlled food, whether chilled or frozen. Like many other countries in Europe, Germany is highly dependent on imports for its fruit and vegetables and for the supply of fish and seafood.


Traveling around the world

Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven (CCCB) is one of the most modern passenger terminals in the world. Located at Columbuskaje, the terminal was refurbished in 2003 and the investments in modern handling facilities for cruise liners and tourists have proved well worthwhile, as this sector appears set for continuous growth. In 2016, the statistics reported a passenger figure of 96,500. As the location has attracted new customers and cruise liners continue to grow, the number of passengers could double within just a few years.