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2019 – 2021

Promoting inland shipping on European canal and river networks

2017 - 2021

The Interreg project “#IWTS 2.0” promotes inland shipping as a reliable and sustainable alternative transport mode for all kinds of freight. We provide an e-learning course for students, inclusive of case studies. We conduct a Europe-wide SWOT analysis as a basis for issuing policy recommendations to the government and also ensure the ongoing development of infrastructure for inland shipping.

Strategic consulting for the Namibian port of Walvis Bay

2018 - 2019

Baseline study commissioned by the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ): we set out on a fact-finding mission and involve stakeholders from the port, cargo loading and forwarding industries. We investigate the potential implementation in terms of the national logistics master plan and conduct random inspections of the infrastructure and quality of the hinterland connections. We also assess the transhipment performance (break-bulk) and organise workshops for various management levels. Finally, we devise a strategy for the development of human resources.

2016 – 2018

Risk analysis for Guggenheim Capital Partners Inc.


We conduct a risk assessment for the container terminal portfolio of Ports America. This involves examining its nautical accessibility and the seaport terminals’ capacity for handling larger container vessels, also in terms of financial aspects.

Equipment procurement for Port Louis

2016 - 2018

In cooperation with Eurogate Technical Services, we procure ship-to-shore und RTG cranes for Port Louis. This means drawing up the specifications, preparing the tender documents and selecting suitable providers. We also supervise the construction and commissioning processes.

Online course of studies leading to Bachelor of Science in Maritime Logistics and Port Management


In cooperation with Wismar University of Applied Sciences we design and organise the first online course of studies in Maritime Logistics and Port Management.

Modelling terminal operations at the port


bremenports develops an Excel-based model for the strategic calculation of equipment and personnel requirements at seaport terminals. We address the connection between loading and ship forecasts, integrate the findings in the terminal’s financial plans by modelling operations as a basis for preparing investment plans and timelines for operations and human resources.

Terminal layout study for the Port of Dili

2014 - 2016

On behalf of the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ), we assess the layout of the port of Dili, the only international port in the Republic of East Timor. We stipulate benchmarks for transhipment capacities and present potential for optimising processes at the terminal and the planned dry port and freight village.

Training course “Improving the maritime sector in East Timor”

2014 - 2016

We prepare learning and teaching materials for basic and advanced training of skilled staff and management in the maritime business and port authority in East Timor.

LNG regasification project for Pakistan


We develop the project structure for a Floating Regasification and Storage Unit (FRSU) for Pakistan. We also attend to the commercial structure of the project in the form of a feasibility study commissioned by a German engineering company.

Skills profile for a port authority


On behalf of the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ), we draw up various skills profiles for a small port authority, which are required owing to privatisation of the port.

2013 – 2015

Port operations study for the Port of Mundra

2013 - 2014

bremenports assesses the infrastructure and operating processes at the Port of Mundra, one of the main Indian ports.

Port development for the Port of Finnafjord

2013 - 2014

We develop the greenfield port project at Finnafjord in Iceland. This involves designing the project structure, finding investors, conducting technical studies and drawing up concession models.

Port modernisation and expansion in Praia

2008 - 2013

We review and assess the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and the environmental information in the tender documents and technical proposals for the modernisation and expansion of the port in Praia. Throughout the construction phase, we monitor the environmental measures in terms of concomitant environmental and compensatory mitigation measures and supervise the monitoring programme. We also provide support in the form of monitoring and technical consulting for the HIV-AIDS prevention programme and the public campaign to raise awareness of this issue.

2010 – 2012

International training course: “Training the trainers for port authorities”

2011 - 2012

bremenports plans and designs training courses in port management for skilled workers from Indonesia. We train the participants to enable them to act as trainers for the newly established port authorities. The courses take place in Bremen and also in Bogor. We also organise in-house training courses at the port locations in Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar in Indonesia.

Workshop “Efficient regional logistics concepts to promote economic development in Vietnam”


We present a range of training courses in the fields of logistics and port management and identify requirements and demand.

Monitoring the warranty period for container cranes

2008 - 2010

We monitor the correct handling of warranty claims by the crane manufacturer of two newly installed container cranes as part of our consultancy services.

International training course: “Training the trainers for port authorities”

2008 - 2010

bremenports plans, designs and implements training courses in port management, operations and development for port experts from the government ministries and port companies (Pelindo) at various locations in Indonesia and East Timor. The courses take place in Bremen and Bogor.

Advanced training courses in “Logistics”

2005 - 2010

We plan and design lessons and training courses on the subject “Environment and energy efficiency in the transport and logistics sector” for Chinese transport professionals.

2000 – 2009

Planning a new container terminal

2007 - 2009

A new container terminal: detailed planning of the layout of the new terminal, which includes identifying the necessary facilities and equipment as well as the HR requirements. We also plan the operating workflows and processes and attend to the international tender procedure.

Development planning for the port of Tartous

2005 - 2008

bremenports hives off the administrative and operational functions from the existing port management structure and draws up a new structure which corresponds to international principles. The objective is to optimise port performance. We also review infrastructure and suprastructure requirements for the next 15-year period. We draw up a plan of action and monitor its implementation.

Advising on improving cargo handling in Mesaieed


We advise the competent employees at the port of Mesaieed on how to improve operational handling processes at the bulk cargo terminal. This is aimed at reducing the turnaround and waiting times for vessels.

Infra- und suprastructure design


bremenports identifies the requirements for the necessary port facilities and equipment for handling solid bulk cargoes such as salt or perlite and issues appropriate recommendations.

Study of logistics and port operations in Toamasina

2003 - 2004

We analyse logistics and operations at the port of Toamasina with the aim of raising the port’s productivity and identifying new business opportunities in the container and bulk cargo sectors. This is intended to promote the privatisation of port services.

Advising the ports of Mumbai and Chennai

2000 - 2003

bremenports advises the competent companies at both ports in order to improve on- and offshore productivity. We provide technical consulting for all sectors of port administration, cargo handling and management. We also appeal for better understanding of the port business and better cooperation between all stakeholders.

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