bremenports rolls out comprehensive marketing package

Seven joint stands at international trade fairs, eight receptions for customers in Germany and abroad, campaigns for sustainability and smart port activities, plus the Conference of European Seaports as an international highlight: the marketing programme for the ports of Bremen is full to the brim for the year 2023.

When handling the marketing activities of the ports of Bremen on behalf of the Senator for Science and Ports, bremenports banks on close cooperation with the port community.   The kick-off on 12 January is a New Year’s reception in Berlin and this first event already sets a clear focus on the issue of sustainability. In a panel discussion, representatives of various climate protection initiatives and economists will discuss how ports can make a contribution towards mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting the successful transition to green power. Participants can register for the event at [email protected] .
The question of sustainability will remain a central theme of the ports’ marketing activities throughout the year. The highlight will be in September, when a Sustainability Week is planned at the ports of Bremen to give port actors the opportunity to present their specific initiatives. “The Port Development Concept has given us a clear mission to create a climate-neutral and sustainable port. To achieve that objective we want to join forces with all the actors at the ports and proactively market the ports of Bremen’s commitment to sustainability as a factor in the competition between the different port locations,” said bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe.  
The issue of climate-neutral port will consequently also play a central role during the events for port customers. These will take place in Vienna, Prague, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Leipzig, cities in which bremenports has its own offices. Groups of delegates from each of these regions are also expected to visit the ports of Bremen in the course of the year.  
One of the major international trade fairs on this year’s calendar will be the transport logistic in Munich. In May, 20 port business enterprises will present their products and services at the joint stand organised by the ports of Bremen. There are also plans to attend other international trade fairs in the USA, Brazil, Belgium and Singapore.
250 representatives of the European ports are expected to come to Bremen on 1 and 2 June. This is when the annual conference of the European Seaport Organisation (ESPO) will be held in Bremen’s Park Hotel, an event that will feature numerous speakers from the worlds of politics, business and science. Again, climate change and sustainability will be key items on the agenda.
Following the first joint reception of the German seaports in Berlin last year, there are plans to extend that cooperation in 2023. Accordingly, an agreement has been reached with the marketing organisations of the ports in Hamburg and Lower Saxony to stage more joint events and thus raise awareness of the cooperation between the North German ports
In addition to this full calendar of events, the bremenports marketing team has also set itself the goal of expanding its digital marketing activities. Head of Marketing Ronald Schwarze states, “After the relaunch of our digital activities in 2022, we will continue to enhance the presentation of the ports of Bremen to reach a wider target group. This will be achieved by ongoing activities in the relevant channels and by publishing exciting port stories in our new e-magazine”