For the future of our port

When it first went into operation in the year 1897, Kaiserschleuse lock in Bremerhaven was the largest sea lock in the world. Just 100 years later, it was already too small for the huge car carriers that had made the port of Bremerhaven one of the largest hubs for automotive logistics in Europe. Bremen’s government therefore resolved to build a new lock – at that time the largest project of its kind anywhere on the continent. The lock was ceremoniously inaugurated in spring 2011, just three and a half years later. Thanks to the longer lock chamber and increased passage width, Kaiserschleuse lock can now accommodate the next generation of car carriers and plays a significant part in safeguarding the future of the port.

Current project phase:
The project has been finished.

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Die Kaiserschleuse in Bremerhaven im Anschnitt. Links der Steuerstand rechts das Becken