Robert Howe: bremenports is well prepared for investment campaign   


On the whole, 2022 was a good year for the port management company bremenports. “Once again, we have successfully achieved our corporate targets this year,” stated bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe. “In view of the growing tasks that face us, bremenports is still on a steady course for growth.”

bremenports currently has 401 employees as well as 33 trainees and further additions to the staff are planned for the coming year. Around 100 colleagues will be leaving the company over the next few years when they reach retirement age. “Because of the well-known problems in finding highly skilled staff in the labour market, we continue to make every effort to showcase bremenports as an attractive employer,” said Howe.

This year, Bremen’s Senate adopted the Port Development Concept 2035, an ambitious programme for the future. Robert Howe explained, “Implementation of the targets set out in the Port Development Concept 2035 will lead to radical changes at the ports over the next decade. The ports have to become more cost-effective, more sustainable, digital and climate-neutral. All of these aspects add up to a work package that can only be tackled as a joint effort by all the players at the ports.”

Howe gave the following examples of the new challenges facing the ports:

  • The ports play a central role in enabling Germany to meet its energy requirements if the changeover to green power is to succeed. The ports of Bremen have the potential to evolve into a base port for hydrogen imports.  
  • A CO2 terminal can make Bremen a key player in the implementation of the new CCS technology, which enables unavoidable harmful emissions to be captured, transported to appropriate storage sites via the port and thus makes a vital contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.
  • In close cooperation with the terminal operators, Überseehafen can be converted into a climate-neutral district with an autonomous supply of renewable energy.
  • A smart port strategy will be developed and implemented in consultation with the port community to catch up with other ports in terms of digitisation.
  • Despite the abandonment of the plans to build Offshore Terminal Bremerhaven, a decision which meanwhile appears absolutely incomprehensible, the port development potential of the southern part of Fischereihafen has to be exploited to help promote the transition to green energy.

bremenports is currently working at top speed on all these issues on behalf of the Senator for Science and Ports. The aim is to reach landmark decisions over the next few months which will set the course for the future.

A further target is to renew many parts of the port infrastructure and equip them to meet future requirements. 

  • bremenports is currently building a new Columbus Quay. The first major section will be completed in spring 2023 and construction of the second section is already planned. This reflects the increasing importance of cruise shipping.
  • In spring, the Senator for Science and Ports will submit proposals for the construction of a new Container Quay 1 – 3a on the basis of plans drawn up by bremenports. These urgently required major investments are essential if the ports of Bremen are to remain competitive in future. Top priority in that connection is the swift adjustment of the Outer Weser fairway.
  • The ongoing refurbishment of rail infrastructure at the terminal spotlights the issue of traffic connections to and from Überseehafen. It will be necessary to redesign the rail/road junction at Senator-Bortscheller-Strasse in order to ease congestion. New transport plans for the port will be drawn up as stipulated in the Port Development Concept 2035.
  • Other major investment projects on the agenda include the construction of a new mole at the northern entrance to Fischereihafen and planning a new swing bridge as access to the Columbus peninsula.

“On presenting the Port Development Concept 2035, the Senator for Ports has announced a major investment campaign.  bremenports will do everything in its power to ensure that this campaign can be put into practice as soon as possible,” stated Robert Howe, “because today’s figures are not as important as tomorrow’s projects.”