Just five months after the first pile was driven into place for the new Columbus Quay in Bremerhaven

The first approx. 400-metre long section of the new sheet piling has already been completed. However, the last batter pile in the “shell” of the new quay is not brown like all the others, but shines out in blue and yellow: the workers painted it in the colours of the Ukrainian flag as a token of solidarity with the country.

Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports, thanked everyone involved for achieving strict compliance with the ambitious time schedule. “The new quay is the tangible sign of the Senate’s commitment to Bremerhaven as a cruise shipping location. If building continues to progress so successfully, we will be able to hand over the new quay to the shipowners by autumn 2023.”

The new sheet piling is being installed in the River Weser 20 metres in front of the existing quay. Over the last few months, 168 bearing piles, each 42 metres long, were driven deep into the Weser silt. These were followed by 155 batter piles. The present construction phase involves extensive welding and bracing work. As from June, the space between the new sheet piling and the old quay will be filled with sand. This will be followed by the concrete structure, the surfacing work and the quay fittings.

After a break owing to nature conservation requirements, the pile driving work for the 2nd construction phase will resume in October. 620 metres are scheduled to be finished one year later and the quay will then be available for use by cruise shipping.

Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, thanked the TAGU and Züblin consortium for the good cooperation. “Construction of the new quay directly on the River Weser meant overcoming a great many technical challenges. And, as was the case with the recently completed Quay 66, this again succeeded perfectly.”