Opportunity for the location -

opportunity for the climate

The seaport of Bremerhaven is working to become a climate-neutral port location with the aim of becoming a maritime test area for modern hydrogen technologies. At the same time, driven by the transition to green power and the demand for our own independent resources, we want to set up new import and export sectors.

The Institute of Shipping and Logistics, ISL, and TTZ, a Bremerhaven-based provider of research services, have conducted a study to investigate the future role of the ports of Bremen in the transhipment of green hydrogenuand its derivatives. This has identified a market niche that avoids competition and can be exploited to help the port location contribute to the transition to green power, a central element of the government’s energy policies. . 

A further study that investigated the future development of the Fischereihafen area in the south of Bremerhaven shows the potential for establishing an energy port. Approval plans are now to be drawn up for these two project concepts.

H2Bx.MariTransGate” is one of the most ambitious projects aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting the transition to greener transport in the Federal Land of Bremen. “This project is intended to establish Bremerhaven as a flagship test area for hydrogen technologies in the maritime transport sector,” explains bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe. “It is particularly important that the seven individual projects presented as part of the joint concept are all closely interlinked. The 180-page project outline deals not only with the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources and the specific potential for its use in Bremerhaven as an international transport hub, but also addresses the import of hydrogen. We are confident that these projects will deliver important impetus for the promotion of hydrogen technologies in port operations as a part of the transport sector.”

Bremenports is drawing up and implementing this joint concept in cooperation with BIS, Bremerhaven Economic Development Company. It can also count on the support of many institutions, such as the Senator for Science and Ports, the Mayor of Bremerhaven, the North German Maritime Cluster, H2BX eV., wab e.V., BEAN, EWE and NTB.

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